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At Desert Chapel Christian School we have the privilege of providing an excellent education to your children. As a Christian school, we have the added benefit of being able to include God in all we do.

Our curriculum is focused on building a strong foundation in phonics, reading, writing, and arithmetic. Our standards and goals at each grade level meet and exceed currently established standards in California. We take advantage of the benefits of modern technology, but we also remain committed to the best practices of strong, traditional approaches to education.

We provide a well-rounded, Christ centered education for our students. At each grade level, students are challenged academically to “do better than they did yesterday” and reach their full potential. They are spiritually encouraged to grow in faith and love for Jesus Christ as their personal savior.
Our teachers are committed to excellence in education. They plan, implement, review, and revise constantly -- always looking for the best in the kids, and for the kids. We believe education should be purposeful, challenging, and enjoyable.

Our classes use A Beka Curriculum along with Bob Jones University.


At the Kindergarten level, our students are studying the A Beka Curriculum along with some supplementation from Bob Jones Curriculum. 

First Grade

First grade focuses on the study of math, language, reading with a handbook, science based on God's creation, History, and Bible with take home Bible stories. 

Second Grade

Second grade focuses on several areas of study including Mathematics, Reading, Spelling, English, Earth Science, American History, and Bible. Mathematics focuses on basic concepts including adding with carrying, subtracting with borrowing, multiplying and division, basic geometry, fractions, measurements, time and temperature. Reading curriculum consists of focus on chapter book reading such as Little House in the Big Woods and Charlotte’s Web. In English we focus on the ability to write and punctuate short stories and poems, identify the parts of speech, capitalization, punctuation, abbreviations, and singular/plurals. Bible study is focused on character teaching and the life of Moses.

Third Grade

Third grade is a transitional year where students start to be graded on a regular A - F scale in preparation for the upper elementary grades. We focus on increasing reading comprehension and timed exercises, as well as the study of American History. Writing becomes an important part of the English curriculum, as well as Spelling. In Science we cover all aspects of God's creation. Reading comprehension, growth in phonics skills, and timed reading exercises increase reading skills. Bible focuses on helping students develop a Christian worldview. Students are taught about the meaning of baptism and are given the opportunity to participate in baptism in the Spring. History focuses on a chronological approach to American history, which helps students remember important dates and events, as well as gives them the right kind of heroes and valuable models of good character. Students also study the states and locations. Language focuses on capitalization; punctuation; correct sentences; proper word usage; using synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms; and recognizing nouns and verbs are emphasized. Dictionary skills, journal entries, and creative writing skills are also developed.
In Math, students focus on multiplication and division; story problems up to four steps; Roman numerals; averaging numbers; standard measures; equations; and adding, subtracting, and reducing fractions. An abundance of review problems is provided as well as supplementary problems to be used in a variety of ways to meet individual needs. Science covers the most special part of God’s creation, man, third graders learn about the human body, with an emphasis on the sense organs and how they work. Students then explore the world of plants, and later, the world of animals, becoming familiar with invertebrates and vertebrates and how to classify them. In spelling, we have a weekly spelling test and related activities, a glossary of vocabulary words, and selected poetry.

Fourth Grade

In fourth grade, we study Arithmetic, Science, California History, Bible, English, Reading, Spelling and Handwriting. As part of our History, we do a mission project, wherein we build missions, write a paper and present them in a special Chapel time.

Fifth Grade

In fifth grade, our subjects include Bible, Math, Reading, Grammar, Spelling, History (focused on American history and the 50 States), and Science.  Once per week, students enjoy Physical Education, Music, and Chapel.  Students also participate in the highly effective Accelerated Reading program.

Sixth Grade

The Sixth Grade is now a building block and MS-preparation grade at Desert Chapel. Sixth grade introduces the responsibility and freedoms of being on our integrated Middle and High School campus whilst also preparing our students for the academic challenges in which Middle school introduces.